What Does a Home Mean to You?

A home, or domicilium, is an indoor space used as either a semi-permanent or fully furnished residential space for an individual, family or group. It often is a fully furnished or partially finished space and may have both internal and external elements to it. domiciliums may be designed as a single unit or may be built in clusters of two or more domiciles. The design of domiciliums can vary widely from one place to another. There are some characteristics that all homes may share, however, such as the use of one main entrance or may have one foyer, a kitchen area and possibly a living room or parlor area.

A second home, or diplobacterium, is not necessarily a residential space by any means. This is commonly used in schools, like the student union, office buildings and various other spaces used by large numbers of people. A second home, much like a vacation home or other recreational property, can include amenities like swimming pools, tennis courts, barbecue grills and so on. A second home can also offer a cozy feeling for a family vacation.

As with the first definition above, a home means a place to live. But what is home to you? Do you like to go to bed at night and then return home in the morning, do you like to sleep in until morning and go home again in the afternoon? Are you content to wake up and go back to sleep again every day? If you feel comfortable answering yes to these questions, then perhaps a traditional or old English style home would suit you best.