Types of Furniture

Furniture refers to moving objects designed to support different human activities including eating, sleeping, and sitting. Furniture is used to hold various objects in a convenient height for working, or perhaps to store items conveniently. Furniture is an artistic creation and is often regarded as a form of decorative arts.

There are four primary categories of furniture types, the classic, traditional, transitional, and modern. The classic type is quite similar to its name, as it usually exhibits symmetry in design, and features elegant lines. Many of the most common elements found in a classic piece are straight, rectangular, and typically deep seats with straight, high backs. The chairs of this category tend to be long-legged and sturdy. In addition to being mostly white, they are also typically square or rectangular.

Transitional furniture is quite flexible, often consisting of small chairs that can be folded up to create additional seating. These include side and end tables, coffee table, end tables with adjustable tops, and Ottoman furniture. The Ottoman is often made out of leather and has a hole for storage. A combination of these three furniture types can create a versatile space that works for a variety of uses.