The World in a Nutshell

News is the information about current affairs. This can be given through various media: television, print, radio, wire services, blogging, online publishing, news channels, or by the testimony of witnesses and observers to happenings. News is also a subset of facts about current affairs. These facts are made popular by a news story, a movie, a commercial, or a political stunt. It is a kind of reporting that informs an audience about what has happened in the world through an event.

The business of news today is global in nature. News is not only confined to national news but world news as well. Today, the internet has emerged as a powerful news delivery system. Many people have access to the internet at home and at work and so it is not surprising to see it as the main source of information on the world wide web.

While news is very important, it is not the sole source of information. Of course, news provides the audience with some insight and understanding about certain current events and trends but the extent to which it can influence and shape the decisions of real people is very limited. At the same time, entertainment is a very powerful medium through which one can project his/her own ideas into the world at large. People who watch news are more conscious of the quality of food they eat and the quality of life that they lead.