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There has been a lot of coverage in recent months about the long-term effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from cell phones, computers and other sources. Some of the fears are legitimate; there have been numerous cases of increased risk for various diseases after frequent use of these electronic devices. Other common worries are more about the possible effects on people who do not use EMR emitting devices, but are exposed to them every day. These devices include cordless phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), laptop computers and wireless internet access. The focus of this article is on the issue of the safety of individuals who regularly use electronic devices and are exposed to them on a daily basis.

News reporting has long been considered a key role in the marketplace for consumers, entrepreneurs and companies. Reporters must have strong news judgment to help inform the public. Many of the most well-respected newspapers and other media organizations depend on freelance writers and news editors to produce objective and unbiased news stories. Examples of recent news stories that have been widely reported include the following: a Harvard study revealing that cell phone radiation increases the risk for developing certain types of cancer; an audit of the military’s mobile communication systems, which found that the military had numerous devices in use that could not meet safety requirements. A recent feature story in the New York Times focused on the effect EMR has on pregnant women. This article explained that one of the biggest concerns is the fact that the fetus is exposed to EMR from the body’s natural bioelectricity while it is inside the mother’s womb.

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