How To Make Data Processing Cycle More Clear

Information is one of the most important concepts in modern life. The process of gathering information, its significance and the way it is used has changed dramatically over the years. Nowadays people rely on information for their personal and professional success. The main reason behind this increased dependency of information is the improvement in information technology.

Business information systems help businesses make data accessible and interpret it quickly and easily. Information, in a broader sense, is basically processed, structured and organised data in a database system. It gives context to previously processed data and helps rationalise new information. For instance, a particular customer’s sale in a particular restaurant is categorised as sales data-this becomes data when the business is capable of identifying the most common or least common dish.

Information science is very important. Without data processing cycle, information will not be able to be processed into meaningful form. In fact, the very purpose of databases and information management systems is to process large amounts of unprocessed data. Information science involves the study of how knowledge can be processed into meaningful form so that organizations can make better use of the available data. Examples of information science disciplines are databases, knowledge management systems, artificial intelligence, web analytics etc.